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Strength & Conditioning Milton Keynes

Strength & Conditioning / Sports Specific Strength Training

Is it time to get stronger for your sport? Do you keep getting injuries and can't work out why? Are you ready to take your training to the next level and start hitting new heights and smashing the standards of the old you?   Maybe you want to improve your peak power for cycling, strike the tennis ball harder, run hills stronger and faster, whatever your aim for improving your sporting performance we can help you get there.

Our trainers have extensive experience delivering Strength & Conditioning to world class athletes across all sports including some of Great Britain's very own Olympians. S&C for some is the foundation of their success for others it is the missing 1% from their training schedule,  S&C from MKPT is sure to boost your ability.

We also work with NGB's & sports teams / clubs, contact us today for a discussion.

Pyrros Dimas 2004 Olympic Games Snatch

Pyrros Dimas 2004 Olympic Games Snatch

Olympic Lifting

Have you ever wanted to learn how to Olympic Lift but didn't know where to start, maybe your local gym PT has shown you "how it's done" but you were left wanting.  Olympic Lifting is at the core of a basic S&C programme and while there is still much debate over it's direct influence to peak power in sports performance it continues to prove one of the best ways to get strong and develop power.

We have more than 12 years experience Olympic Lifting and teaching Olympic Lifting to both athletes, Olympic Lifters and beginners.  If you want to incorporate Olympic Lifting in to your training or you would like to compete in Olympic Lifting then get in touch today to see how we can help.

Milton Keynes kids sports trainers

Adolescent Physical Development - Sports Coaching

Junior & Adolescent Physical and Sporting Development (U18)*(see T&C's) - providing the best possible grounding for your children's future success in sport, improving speed, agility, reaction time, cognitive function, attitude and focus, reducing injury risk and optimising talent .  

Here at MKPT we have more than 10 years experience in coaching and developing junior athletes, building a solid foundation for them to become sporting stars of the future.  We make our training fun but relevant to physical development, we believe it's important for youngsters to enjoy participating in sport and sports training in order to continue as they move into their adult years.